Coloring Book Cookie Tutorial & Wilton Contest Winner!

Coloring Book Cookies

I am VERY aware that success doesn't happen overnight, so as I keep chugging along with this online tutorial thing, it makes me super happy when I get a win. This time it's from Wilton.

I entered these cookies into Wilton's #TreatsOnTrend Contest on Instagram and was selected as one of the winners! Yay! These cookies can be made for birthday parties, play dates, goodie bags, or just a fun night with great friends (and great wine). 🍷

It was really awesome to be recognized for them and I hope you enjoy this tutorial.


3" square cookies, baked and cooled 3" coloring book images 5" tissue paper squares Tape Royal icing Black food color marker Gel food colors, various Decorator piping tip #3 Decorator piping bags Small paintbrushes Vanilla or lemon extract


1) Start by outlining and filling your cookie with flood consistency royal icing. Gently shake it side-to-side to evenly distribute the icing. Let dry overnight.

2) Tape your coloring book image to the countertop then tape a piece of tissue paper over it. With your black food coloring marker, outline the image. Tip: Simple images with very little detail work best for this project.

3) Set the traced tissue paper over the dry cookie and trace over the image 2-3 times to transfer the image onto the cookie. When done, lift the paper off. Go ahead and touch up the image if you need to.

4) Fill a piping bag with black medium consistency royal icing and pipe over the lines on the cookie. Next, fill a piping bag with white medium consistency royal icing and pipe as many dots as needed for the amount of colors you're going to use later on. Though I would suggest only piping 3 or 4 dots at most. Let dry for at least two hours.

5) Paint each dot with a different food color and let dry. Tip: At this point you can wrap up the cookies or continue on to paint them!

6) If you're going to paint your cookies, pour some extract into a small bowl and dip your paintbrush into it first before picking up color from one of the dots. Let the cookies dry a little between each coat so the base doesn't start to crumble.

And that's it!

Take care,
Jenny 😊