Easy Galaxy Cake Using Leftover Sprinkles

Galaxy Cake

You probably have a pantry full of sprinkles you purchased for a party long ago that you now don't know what to do with, yes? Yes! I understand you completely. Which is why I created this easy cake that will get rid of most, if not all, of your sprinkles collection.

Most of the sprinkles, dragees, and sparkling sugars I had in my pantry were a little on the darker side, so I created a galaxy-themed cake for a birthday party I attended this weekend. Just take a look at what colors are in your collection and name your cake accordingly. People will be amazed, no doubt!

For the cake, I used this very moist and delicious chocolate cake recipe from Add A Pinch as well as her chocolate frosting recipe. Honestly guys, why reinvent the wheel? This cake and frosting is the bomb!


Chocolate cake & frosting, prepared Assortment of sprinkles Ateco piping tip #828 (or any large decorator tip) Decorator bag Offset spatula Cake turntable Sheet pan


First things first: frost cake with your chocolate frosting using an offset spatula (Fig. 1). Pop it in the fridge and while that is setting up, dump all of your sprinkles into a big bowl and mix together. Take a sheet pan and set it on the counter. Take your cake out of the fridge and hold it over the sheet pan. Grab a handful of sprinkles and press them against the sides of your cake, rotating as you go along (Fig. 2). The sheet pan will catch any fallen jimmies.

After you've coated the sides, set your cake down on a serving dish and place some sprinkles right in the center (Fig. 3). I rather liked this look and you could leave it as-is, or continue by piping a star border all around the top of your cake with Ateco tip #828 (Fig. 4).

Galaxy Cake 1-4

Continue to fill the top of the cake with sprinkles until you cover it completely (Fig. 5). If you have a Happy Birthday sign or number candle, position it where you like (Fig. 6), and voila!

Galaxy Cake 5-6