Spider-Man Deadpool Deco Roll Cake for Valentine's Day


Hello! Today I'm bringing you this awesome and fun Japanese-style deco roll cake featuring our favorite Merc with a Mouth and Webhead in a Valentine's Day embrace, much to Spidey's chagrin.

I'm using a chiffon cake recipe from The Gourmandise School (where I'm currently enrolled) with chocolate mousse on the inside. They don't have the recipes on their website, but you can certainly substitute this Taste of Home recipe to achieve the same result.

Here goes!


Chiffon cake recipe w/filling of your choice Gel food colors in: red, dark red, blue, hot pink, light pink, black Small bowls for mixing Toothpicks Butterknife Offset spatula Parchment paper cones or decorator piping bags Parchment paper Small drinking glass Plastic wrap Paint palette Small brushes


Start by preparing your chiffon cake batter per the recipe, including preheating your oven, but stop before adding the whipped egg whites. Spoon one tablespoon of cake batter into five separate bowls. Add a drop of gel food coloring to each bowl and mix until well blended.

Next, spoon a heaping tablespoon into each bowl and fold into the batter with a butterknife or spatula. Add the remaining egg whites to your largest batter bowl and fold in until just combined.

Deadpool Roll Cake

Make five parchment paper cones (via my tutorial) and fill them with the small batches of cake batter. Use a cup to help keep the cone upright as you fill it.

Set your image under a piece of a parchment paper inside a sheet pan. Snip a very tiny hole from the end of your black cone and fill in the black areas of your image. You may not need to do this if the batter is already dripping from the tip. Pop the pan into the oven and bake the black batter for 60 seconds. Remove the pan and let it cool.

Deadpool Roll Cake1

Finish decorating the characters by piping in between the baked black lines with the proper colors. I suggest having an extra copy of the image beside you for reference. Pop the sheet pan back into the oven, this time baking it for two minutes. Remove the pan and let cool.

Add the rest of your batter and spread it with an offset spatula. Bake for 18-20 minutes or until cooked all the way through.

Deadpool Roll Cake2

Once the cake has cooled completely, run the back of a butterknife along the edge of the pan. Set a piece of parchment paper over the cake, flip the pan over, and pop the cake out. You may need to give it a firm tap to release the cake.

Deadpool Roll Cake3

Gently remove the piece of parchment paper from the cake and place a clean sheet of parchment and turn it over again. This part is optional. You can flip the cake without paper, too.

Deadpool Roll Cake4

I forgot to do this step, but you definitely want to brush some simply syrup on the cake before spreading your filling. Chiffon cake is pretty dry, so you need to moisten it a little. If you don't know how to make simple syrup, it's a basic 1:1 sugar to water recipe. Just heat the water until the sugar dissolves and voila! Simple syrup. :)

Now cut the ends off in a diagonal then evenly spread your filling leaving a 1" border around the cake.

Deadpool Roll Cake5

Set the cake up so the image is on the opposite end because you don't want to accidentally roll it up! Make tight, but gentle rolls all the way to the end, using the parchment paper to help you.

Transfer the roll onto a large piece of plastic wrap and cover it tightly, twisting the ends. Once it's wrapped you can shape the roll to make it nice and even. Pop it into the fridge for at least an hour. You want the filling to firm up so when you slice it, it won't fall apart.

Deadpool Roll Cake6

After an hour, you can take the roll out of the fridge and do some touch ups if you need to. Just dip your paintbrush into some food coloring and lightly paint the areas that need some extra care.

The last thing you want to do before putting your roll cake on a pretty serving dish is to cut off the ends so you have nice sides that highlight the swirl.

Deadpool Roll Cake7

And that's it!

xo Jenny