Dachshund Cookie Tutorial

dachshund cookies

I had so much fun putting this tutorial together this week! Dachshunds are not only my favorite dog breed, but I also own two adorable dachshunds at home. :)

So I got to thinking, "What's a good way to create dachshund cookies without doing the same ol' brown dog silhouette?" Not surprising, I found my inspiration at the craft store. I was perusing the aisles and found that scrapbooking paper is a fabulous resource for inspiration! There are so many textures, color, and pattern combinations that I immediately fell in love. I'm not a scrapbooker, but that didn't stop me from picking up a few sheets to base my designs on.

I hope you really like this tutorial and please leave any comments or questions below!

SUPPLIES Dachshund image, your choice Tissue paper Food marker, fine point Sugar cookies, rectangle-shaped Royal icing Parchment paper bags Gel food colors, various Scribe tool or toothpick Paintbrushes Vodka or alcohol extract Silicone jewel mold* Fondant* Corn starch or powdered sugar* Luster dust, silver*



Start by setting a piece of tissue paper over the image of the dachshund and use a food marker to trace it. Set the traced paper on top of your cookie and trace the image again so it will transfer onto your cookie (Fig. 1). Lift the tissue paper away from the cookie and touch up any missed marks with your food marker (Fig. 2). With flood consistency royal icing tinted a soft pink, outline (Fig. 3) and then fill (Fig. 4) the dachshund.


Use a scribe tool to evenly distribute the icing (Fig. 5). While the icing is still wet, pipe dots in various sizes and colors onto the dachshund (Fig. 6). Overlap dots to create a random look (Fig. 7).


Moving onto your next cookie, pipe a few colored dots onto the still-wet dachshund and use a scribe tool to make irregular circles (Fig. 8). Let the dachshund dry completely before moving onto the next step.

Dilute food color in vodka and paint translucent circles around each spot you created earlier (Fig. 9). Continue to do so until you've achieved a watercolor bouquet (Fig. 10).


For the final dachshund, dab small strokes with paintbrush dipped in food coloring over the wet icing to create a flower (Fig. 11). Clean your paintbrush, or use a new one, and make long strokes below the flowers with green food color to make the stems (Fig. 12). Repeat the process with different colors to achieve flowers all over the dachshund (Fig. 13). To make a hydrangea-type flower, dab tiny dots in a small section (Fig. 14).


See below (Fig. 15 through 18) for ideas of the types of flowers you can paint on your dachshund.


While your cookies set up, dust cornstarch on a silicone jewel mold (Fig. 19). Place some fondant into the mold (Fig. 20) and press it firmly into the jewelry mold you'd like to use (Fig. 21). If needed, dust a little more cornstarch onto the fondant to keep it from sticking to your fingers. Next, with a firm swipe, remove any excess fondant (Fig. 22).


You should have a nice clean strand of beads (Fig. 23) remaining. Flip your mold over and carefully peel away your fondant jewels (Fig. 24 and 25). Dab a paintbrush into vodka and brush it onto the cookie (Fig. 26).


Place the fondant beads around the edge of the cookie (Fig. 27). Complete the look by painting luster dust diluted in vodka on the cookie (Fig. 28 and 29) to add a beautiful shine.


And that's it!

xo Jenny