Porcelain Inspired Tea Cookies

porcelain inspired tea cookies

Happy New Year!

My first tutorial for 2016 is these beautiful porcelain-inspired cookies. They're perfect for tea time! I'm not a painter, but I think the simple roses I made look elegant and chic. Seriously, if I can paint them, so can you! I'm, like, the worst painter.


Sugar cookies, completely cooled Royal icing, in your choice colors Scribe tool or toothpick Decorator piping bags Decorator piping tips, #1 and #13 Gel food colors Small paintbrushes Vodka or alcohol extract Luster dust


Porcelain Inspired Cookies 2

Start by outlining and filling your cookie with flood consistency royal icing.

Porcelain Inspired Cookies 3

Next, use a scribe tool or toothpick to evenly distribute the icing. Dry overnight.

Now here's where you can get creative! I'll show you how to decorate one cookie below, but feel free to take inspiration from your favorite porcelain dish. You can apply these simple techniques to recreate your version at home.

Porcelain Inspired Cookies 4

After the cookie has dried, paint a diamond with white gel food coloring. Let dry for 30 minutes or so.

Porcelain Inspired Cookies 5

Clean your paintbrush really well with vodka and a paper towel (or just use another paintbrush) and paint circles in your choice food colors inside the diamond.

Porcelain Inspired Cookies 6

While the circles are still wet, go back with some white food color and brush a stroke or two on top. Gently blend the two colors together to get a softened look. Repeat for all of the roses.

Porcelain Inspired Cookies 7

Dab some green in the negative space to create leaves. Let dry as you move to the next step.

Porcelain Inspired Cookies 8

Pipe a fleur-de-lis with tip #13 at each corner then a shell on the top and bottom of the cookie.

Porcelain Inspired Cookies 9

Using tip #1, pipe a bead border around the diamond.

Porcelain Inspired Cookies 10

Again, using tip #1 outline the cookie shape all the way around. Let dry for at least an hour.

Porcelain Inspired Cookies 11

Finally, brush gold luster dust diluted in a bit of vodka over the royal icing details to add a beautiful sheen.


Tint your royal icing a color close to the luster dust you'll be using. For example, I colored my icing yellow so when I painted it with gold after it dried, the color was much more intense than if it were white.

xo Jenny