Raging Rudolph from MadTV Cookies

raging rudolph cookies

If any of you are old enough (circa 1995) to remember MadTV, you'll definitely remember the skit, Raging Rudolph. For those that don't, here's the video. It's based on the 1964 claymation classic, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, except with a Godfather movie twist. So this is going to be a dark holiday humor tutorial.

This is my first time ever painting on cookies. Yikes! I was a little nervous because I haven't painted anything since I took an art class years ago. I don't consider myself a natural artist by any means and perhaps that'll show in my technique. But I'm not going to let that get in my way! Practice makes perfect, right? Oh, and a little help from outlining in the beginning helps, too. Heh... Stay tuned because these were a lot of fun to make.


5 cookies sugar cookies, iced white and dried Tissue paper Food marker Gel food colors Small painter's palette tray or bowls Small paintbrushes Vodka or alcohol extract Dropper* Decorator piping bags Decorator piping tips, #1, #5, #13 Couplers Scribe tool or toothpick Red sanding sugar Dragees* Christmas sprinkles*



The day before, flood your sugar cookies with white royal icing. Be sure to go all the way to the edge, but not over. Who am I kidding? My icing ran over on some of them so I just used a butter knife to wipe off the excess. Dry them overnight. Note: If you haven't flooded cookies before, check out this video to learn how.

Meanwhile, you can search for images that you like on the Internet and print them out. For this tutorial, I screen-captured the images I wanted from the skit. Be sure to print them to fit the size of your cookies. Next, use some tissue paper (the stuff you use for gift bags is just fine) and place a piece over the image. Trace it with your food marker.

Once the icing has dried on your cookies, set the tissue paper outline on top of your cookie and trace it again a couple of times with the food marker. This will transfer the image onto your cookie. And voila! You pretty much have a coloring book cookie.

Using your palette tray, food colors and vodka, start painting your cookies. Take your time and use small strokes. If you make a mistake, think about how you can fix it. For example, I messed up on the Santa cookie by adding too much brown on the left side; but I balanced it out by adding more brown to the right. Look, these are cookies not the Mona Lisa. :P

For the title cookie, use your food marker to make the letters darker. Add some dragees and/or sprinkles to add a little dimension to the cookie as well.

Check out my tutorial below to see how I decorated all 5 cookies.

xo Jenny