A Different Kind of Sweet: Honey Buttercream


I’ve eaten a lot of desserts in my life and never come across a honey buttercream. What a shame! So I thought I’d give it a shot here for you guys. My take on a honey buttercream uses a mild clover honey with some sour cream to balance the flavor and to add more body. I really hope you’ll find it just as delightful, too. SUPPLIES Two sticks unsalted butter, softened Four cups powdered sugar Half cup sour cream Half cup clover honey Pinch of salt

DIRECTIONS Beat the butter in a mixer on medium speed for two minutes. Add powdered sugar, one cup at a time, until well blended.

Add the sour cream and clover honey, mixing for two more minutes. At this point, taste the buttercream and add more honey if you’d like a more robust taste.

Finish with a pinch of salt and mix on high for two minutes.

And that’s it! It’s so simple. Check out my video below and leave any comments about what you think of my recipe!

xo Jenny