Decorating Basics: Making Your Own Parchment Piping Bag

What do you do when you need only a small amount of icing but don't want to waste use an entire piping bag for it? You make a parchment paper piping bag, of course!

This is a very important technique to know because sometimes you may even find you've run out of bags altogether and will have to whip one up on the spot. It is very easy to make a bag, once you get your corners right. Here's what I mean:


Parchment paper triangles* Scissors

*If you can't find these, just use regular parchment paper and cut some sheets into triangles. Practically any size triangle will work.


Start by placing the parchment paper on a flat surface with the top of the triangle facing towards you (step 1). Take the top right corner and bring it over towards the center tip--like you're making an ice cream cone (step 2). Do the same with the top left corner, but this time wrap it behind the cone (step 3). Now pull both left and right corners taut towards you to make a very tight tip (step 4). Once it is as tight as you can get it, start rolling those taut corners firmly on the inside of the cone (step 5). And voila! You have your very own parchment paper piping bag (step 6).

parchment piping bag technique

When you're ready to use it, just fill the cone, fold the paper over to seal in the icing, and cut the tip to your desired width.

Need some more help? Check out my video tutorial below!

xo Jenny