Decorating Basics: Filling Your Piping Bag

Hi guys! Today's tutorial will be a nice and tidy one. What do I mean? Well, for any of you who've ever filled a bag with royal icing, or buttercream for that matter, you'll understand me when I say it can be a very messy endeavor.

Today I'm going to show you how to fill a bag using plastic wrap. This is a technique I first saw on Karen's Cookies and it completely changed the way I fill piping bags. With this method I use a fraction of the bags because I can literally swap out different colors of icing very easily.

Karen uses it with royal icing, but I found it works with buttercream as well. Take a look and if you try this method, let me know your thoughts and if it worked for you!


Decorator "piping" bags Couplers Piping tips Royal icing (recipe) Piping bag ties or rubber bands Scissors

Piping bag plastic wrap technique


Start by placing your prepared icing into the center of a large piece of plastic wrap (step 1). Then fold over once (step 2) and with the back of your thumb, push the icing towards the center of the plastic (step 3). Now start rolling it over like a cigar being sure to hold onto the ends (step 4).

Piping bag plastic wrap technique

Twist the ends as tight as you can get them (step 5). At this point you can place this cigar full of icing into an airtight container and save for use later. This is amazing when you want don't have a lot of room because you can fit so many "cigars" into one tiny space.

If you'd like to fill your bag immediately, then proceed to these next steps. Unscrew your coupler and place the large piece inside your piping bag (step 6). Push it in as far as you can get it without stretching or tearing the bag. Pull back the coupler a little and you'll see it left a mark on the piping bag. With scissors, cut just below this line (step 7) and push the coupler back into place. Take your royal icing and put it into the piping bag. Push one end of the plastic wrap straight through the coupler opening (step 8) as far as you can.

Piping bag plastic wrap technique

Now twist the top of your piping bag (step 9) and seal it with a piping bag tie or rubber band (step 10). This will secure the icing inside the plastic wrap. Cut the plastic wrap that's hanging through the coupler (step 11), put on your piping tip and screw it in place with the other piece of the coupler (step 12).

Piping bag plastic wrap technique

And that's it! You'll have a nice and clean piping bag ready for your next edible project.

xo Jenny