Decorating Cookies with Cake Lace


These cookies were imagined when a friend wanted something special, Indian-inspired, for a birthday. I immediately thought of using Cake Lace to add the intricate detailing work Indian fabrics are known for, while still maintaining my sanity! Below you'll find my video showing you how simple it is to put these elegant cookies together.


Sugar cookies (recipe) 15-second royal icing (recipe) Scribe tool or toothpick Scissors Razor blade or sharp knife Gel food colors, two of your choice Luster dust to match food colors* Vodka or clear extract Two paintbrushes, large and small Cake Lace, colored (external tutorial)*

*I colored my lace with AmeriColor Gold during the mixing process. When dry, I painted it with gold luster dust and a touch of vodka to create the sparkle.