Peanuts Character Halloween Cookies


With the Peanuts movie set to open November 6, I just couldn’t resist making some not-so-spooky Peanuts character Halloween cookies. Let’s also not forget Charlie Brown’s birthday is October 30! What better way to celebrate this Blockhead’s birthday than with his friends all dressed up? Let’s begin! SUPPLIES

Royal Icing, divided (recipe) Gel Food Colors Decorating Bags Decorator Tip #2, several Piping Couplers Black Food Coloring Marker Scribe Tool or Toothpicks Razor Blade or Sharp Knife Parchment Paper Scissors Pen/Pencil Small Brush Water


I found these cool images online, but feel free to use any images you like.

Peanuts Character Halloween Templates

Next, you'll need royal icing colors in the following shades:

White Purple Beige Orange Red Black Yellow Navy Brown Green Light Blue (not pictured) Burnt Orange (optional)

Note: The amount of icing you'll need for each color depends on how big your cookies will be and how many you will make. I always err on the side of caution and make more than I need because I can always store the extra for future projects.

Peanuts Halloween Icing Colors

Cut about a 1/2" border around each character. You'll use this as your guide when cutting out your custom cookie shape from your cookie dough. You can find the recipe here.

Peanuts Halloween Character Cutouts

Using a sharp knife or razor blade, cut out each cookie and transfer it onto a sheet pan lined with parchment paper. Bake according to the recipe directions.

Peanuts Halloween Cookie Dough

While the cookies are baking, use a food coloring marker to trace each character's details onto a piece of parchment paper. Cut each of them out.

Peanuts Halloween Outlines

Then place the parchment paper character on top of your cooled cookie and etch through the food coloring lines using a sharp knife or razor blade.

Peanuts Halloween Etching

Using that same food coloring marker, trace over the etchings you just made on the cookie. Tip: Have the template beside you to reference it for any missed details.

Peanuts Halloween Marker on Cookie

After you've traced all of your characters onto your cookie, you can move on to tracing them with royal icing. With medium consistency icing and a decorator tip #2, go over all of the food coloring lines you just made.

Peanuts Halloween Royal Icing Trace

Your cookies should look like this after tracing them with royal icing:

Peanuts Halloween Royal Icing Trace Finished

Now for the fun part! Using your templates as a color guide, carefully fill in each of the characters with flood consistency royal icing and a decorator tip #2.

Peanuts Halloween Flood Icing

Use a scribe tool or toothpick to guide the icing around the eyes and into the small crevices of each cookie.

Peanuts Halloween Cookie Scribe

Take your time and be patient. This is when the characters really come to life with all of the detail work. Pretty soon you'll have your own Peanuts gang just in time for Halloween!

Peanuts Characters Halloween Cookies


Couldn't get enough? Watch the video tutorial below!